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  • Neo WINS!
    Congratulations to: Entity-Neo of Noobs Below for winning this round of Nations. Way to go ma...
  • Congrats X
    Congrats buddy!
  • fix this stupid ass game
    Hear hear. Let's all fill out help tickets and see how long it stays It's been what a...
  • Hello
    Join Doom & you won't have to change your flag.
  • & then there was ONE!
    Welcome back to the Ones. Now everybody better watch out!
  • NNP
    You get NetNexus Points for being the top non-vip. Get enough and you can get a free VIP account.
  • Congats DoAlCa
    Another nice job.
  • Congradulations!
    Yes congratulations to Xdynasty for helping DoAlCa win yet another round. Well done!
  • Congrats Nookie!
    Congratulations NOOKIE.
  • Congrats Thruster!!!
    THANKS...It was a nail biter. At one point I thought I did not have a chance. I thought about...