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  • congrats BC!
    Congrats BC! I am glad that I finally made the top 50 for the first time in years.
    Merry Christmas and I hope you get everything you wished for and more. Drive safe.
  • thanksgiving eve
    p.s. remember to aim low on the Black Friday sales. It's not only men that will go down with a well...
  • thanksgiving eve
    Thank, the same to you and all the other members of the NN Community. Be safe on those roads this ho...
  • Open for a new clan.
    I have made my choice. Thank you for your consideration and will keep you in mind if I am looking fo...
  • Open for a new clan.
    Looking for a new clan.
  • BOS and The Alliance of Free Nations
    Well, the experiment of BOS has came and gone. BOS worked well but without the old members it is not...
  • New Contract Alert
    Contract on Mindbuster has been completed. All attacks have been stopped by BOS.[Added at 11/07/2008...
  • New Contract Alert
    Contracts are now availible. All suspended contracts are reinstated.
  • New Contract Alert
    Because of the split in BOS all contracts are suspended till any contracts that WB had are handled.