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  • Selling an account
    I started clicking then and quickly got bored and didnt want to buy vip if anyone wants my account a...
  • Stats Post / Average Rank
    4 27,213,958,364 Prince ffilteg =GoW= 4 $284,255,853 Prince ffilteg =GoW= 3 47,536 Prince ffilte...
  • Question
    From the homepage Friday, May 11, 2007 - TheSource Terran Legacy has been reset, 12 new ranks h...
  • Ranks
    The exp needed to reach prince rank is 26,938,865,423
  • New Item???
    o.0 thx methodman....... I think :P
  • New Item???
    k thx flindy....Almost wshing i swapped it for my SG now
  • New Item???
    Wtf is this and what does it do You are in the wastelands. You have found a rare Can of Nuke Col...
  • New to nations
    K thx viper for that, at the minute im kinda unable to get more land as i cannot afford to buy a big...
  • New to nations
    Soz about the font in second post i thought it was the same i used in the first, now i cant remember...
  • Who is NumberTheory?
    Dont time just fly by... I had ffilteg before the getit account for quite a bit dont really remem...