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  • Casino
    I remember you ViolentJ. I trusted you with my deity acct. Had a lot of cash on it and i did it beca...
  • cheating..
    Mon Aug 27 15:06:12 2007 - Ichigo has been killed by Master Sergeant Byakuya. Mon Aug 27 14:59:4...
  • A bug?
    haha! Kulang ka sa pansin dondon! tae ka! DOTA nlng tuod...hehe best game ever made.
  • Tainted-X
    Major General Yuan †å|n†3d Credits $298074.00 Bank $47986889.00 Health (758400/794315) Weapon Fl...
  • A bug?
    sa game? im Brigadier General Yuan †å|n†3d..;) cge salamat pre! ikaw man!
  • Bind for sale
    u can have it.. I just thought that there's no use for it since there's nobody in the mp arena. ;p
  • Bind for sale
    13.5 m lol
  • Bind for sale
    I'll give u 12 mil a if its a years worth vip i'll be paying you 144 mil.. ;p
  • A bug?
    nookie: u mean patay na ni na game? ok lng a..i just wanna make SCF. haha! But i wish more people w...
  • A bug?
    oi.. i knew you were pinoy..hehe Just checking out the game again.. ikaw? ilonggo ka ba?