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  • Need techies.
    Still need one more!
  • Need techies.
    I need all three techies. I always Research in 4's or 8's. So hit me with a message or request.
  • Techie!
    I still need one more techie for this round
  • i need 3 techs
    i need 3 techies. msg me or just send i dont care.[Added at 01/14/2008 13:30:36 by Hit_Man_12]I mus...
  • Opinions
    Who cares its a POS ford it will blow up soon anyway.
  • Teh Commies
  • Techie needed
    still need one more
  • Techie needed
    yes, i need one. message me before you send.
  • Life
    Today, my dad had a heart attack. As I was siting in the ICU waiting room, waiting for news, I saw...
  • Type netnexus with your forehead
    n bt6 hjyu7w