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WoW 2.1 26 replies

-IceFox- said on: 2007-05-22 12:28 pm
4224 Days, 14 Hrs, 54 Min, 8 Sec ago
New patch, yet another nerf. Wow GG blizz.

Mr.Liquid said on: 2007-05-22 01:37 pm
4224 Days, 13 Hrs, 44 Min, 59 Sec ago
Never played.
Jeany said on: 2007-05-22 03:37 pm
4224 Days, 11 Hrs, 45 Min, 42 Sec ago
bah the raid bosses had to be nerfed and well everything else was pretty much buffed!
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-22 09:10 pm
4224 Days, 6 Hrs, 12 Min, 38 Sec ago
The hunters were not Nerfed :)

Palidans got raped thou. Holy tree is like gone
LagunaCid said on: 2007-05-22 10:38 pm
4224 Days, 4 Hrs, 44 Min, 18 Sec ago
GW > WoW
'nuff said
GuildaMage said on: 2007-05-23 05:45 am
4223 Days, 21 Hrs, 37 Min, 30 Sec ago
Tymoney321 said on: 2007-05-23 06:15 am
4223 Days, 21 Hrs, 7 Min, 34 Sec ago
Warriors got slightly nerf'd too.

Anyone play on skywall?
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-23 06:39 am
4223 Days, 20 Hrs, 43 Min, 28 Sec ago
I didnt think warriors needed it..They already suck
Elmy said on: 2007-05-23 07:13 am
4223 Days, 20 Hrs, 9 Min, 22 Sec ago
Warriors were nerfed but the buffs they got greatly overshadow the nerf. And they hardly suck....

How is the Holy tree for Paladin, like, gone? Only 1 talent was nerfed in it...

Mages did get the shaft, though :)
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-23 07:35 am
4223 Days, 19 Hrs, 47 Min, 47 Sec ago
Warriors are amazingly bad and you know it. Even Mages pwn them.

Polymorph FTW
Elmy said on: 2007-05-23 07:38 am
4223 Days, 19 Hrs, 44 Min, 2 Sec ago
I hope you're joking, because if you're not you're one of those newbs.
Tymoney321 said on: 2007-05-23 08:11 am
4223 Days, 19 Hrs, 11 Min, 24 Sec ago
Well I play a Rogue. I was interested in starting a new character either A paladin, Warrior or Druid. I guess Druid would be the best choice.
-IceFox- said on: 2007-05-23 08:35 am
4223 Days, 18 Hrs, 46 Min, 59 Sec ago
Well, since iceblock got nerfed harder than anything i guess i'm going to respec elemental. Even though frostnova now breaks on one crit (or it seems) i still probably do more damage and its fun.

I just hope they nerf rogue pvp gloves now.
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-23 01:18 pm
4223 Days, 14 Hrs, 4 Min, 32 Sec ago
I only have a 50 hunter =(
Jeany said on: 2007-05-24 03:15 pm
4222 Days, 12 Hrs, 7 Min, 2 Sec ago
warrior gear got nerfed but mobs hit for much less we did gruul last night and by grow 10 he barley hit for 10k...

Rogues got buffed quite a bit and looking at their future gear they will be almost unhitable. Holy paly's needed a nerf because they were the top healers.

shadow priests needed a nerf because they were the top dps wich is so wrong. considering they can do vampiric touch.

Now classes like holy priest and resto druids will be needed again. not only paladins.

Dpsadins, feraldruids are still a total waste. and classes like mages, hunters and warlocks really aren't important anyone can do the job.

perfect 10 man raid for kara would now be:
1 tank
1 dps warrior
1 shadow priest
1 paladins
1 holy priest(with spirit buff)
1 resto shaman
1 hunter
2 rogues
1 warlock
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-25 08:00 pm
4221 Days, 7 Hrs, 21 Min, 57 Sec ago
Perfect 10 =

2 Holy Priest

8 Bestily hunters
SunnO said on: 2007-05-25 10:57 pm
4221 Days, 4 Hrs, 25 Min, 29 Sec ago
Blizzard doesn't know how to do anything but nerf. Yet another reason to avoid Warcrack.
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-27 02:28 pm
4219 Days, 12 Hrs, 54 Min, 1 Sec ago
....Dont make fun of WoW
LagunaCid said on: 2007-05-27 03:44 pm
4219 Days, 11 Hrs, 38 Min, 45 Sec ago
Why? WoW sucks =p
Troa1 said on: 2007-05-27 09:37 pm
4219 Days, 5 Hrs, 45 Min, 51 Sec ago
WoW does not suck had guild wars got bored simple as that.
SunnO said on: 2007-05-28 09:13 pm
4218 Days, 6 Hrs, 9 Min, 31 Sec ago
Looks like you also got too bored to use punctuation. ADHD?
GuildaMage said on: 2007-05-29 07:02 am
4217 Days, 20 Hrs, 20 Min, 22 Sec ago
People get bored of guildwars because they dont have good clans and because they dunno how to play properly, gimme a shout and ill teach0r you troa. ;]
TheWhiteDemon said on: 2007-05-29 07:18 am
4217 Days, 20 Hrs, 4 Min, 28 Sec ago
Guild, no one wants to play crapp GW....Play WoW and be cool
GuildaMage said on: 2007-05-29 12:51 pm
4217 Days, 14 Hrs, 31 Min, 33 Sec ago
WoW = World of Wussies.
LagunaCid said on: 2007-05-30 12:35 am
4217 Days, 2 Hrs, 47 Min, 38 Sec ago
GW rawks, shush.
Shame I don't have time to do some PvP before classes end...
T3rran said on: 2007-06-02 07:55 am
4213 Days, 19 Hrs, 27 Min, 43 Sec ago
What the hell are you people arguing about? Play what you want.
SPAZZA said on: 2007-06-08 07:07 am
4207 Days, 20 Hrs, 14 Min, 56 Sec ago
As far as graphics and PvP are concerned, Guild Wars certainly craps all over WoW.

However, if you prefer PvE content, WoW is your game.

Put in simple terms:

If you like pretending you are somebody you are not to make your pathetic life seem better, play WoW.

If you like killing people because you are a weak shit in real life, play Guild Wars.

I went for option one.

Life = Blek.