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TheChristChild said on: 2008-12-07 03:06 pm
3599 Days, 18 Hrs, 20 Min, 28 Sec ago
TC3 said on: 2008-12-07 04:19 pm
3599 Days, 17 Hrs, 7 Min, 32 Sec ago
Ayanami said on: 2008-12-08 05:26 am
3599 Days, 4 Hrs, 52 Sec ago
Byakuya said on: 2008-12-08 06:27 am
3599 Days, 2 Hrs, 59 Min, 59 Sec ago
another stupid thread from a stupid poster
Ayanami said on: 2008-12-08 06:30 am
3599 Days, 2 Hrs, 56 Min, 34 Sec ago
trolls are smart
Byakuya said on: 2008-12-08 07:08 am
3599 Days, 2 Hrs, 18 Min, 14 Sec ago
oh so is a nuget
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-09 03:16 pm
3597 Days, 18 Hrs, 10 Min, 46 Sec ago
Byakuya If you knew anything, you would know that I (thechristchild) used to have an account named nuget. Also, if you don't like the thread, don't post in it, I happen to think that my A is of extreme importance, unlike your opinion.
Tooks said on: 2008-12-09 04:05 pm
3597 Days, 17 Hrs, 22 Min, 6 Sec ago
I ate a chicken nuget from Mcdonalds one day

Tasted like microwaved infant
Viper10488 said on: 2008-12-09 06:13 pm
3597 Days, 15 Hrs, 13 Min, 50 Sec ago
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-09 06:19 pm
3597 Days, 15 Hrs, 7 Min, 51 Sec ago
its actually chicken nugget, nuget is pronounced n00get.
Byakuya said on: 2008-12-09 06:48 pm
3597 Days, 14 Hrs, 39 Min, 2 Sec ago
i guess your A is of extreme importance... for retards. why don't you add 2 letter "S" after your "A" so i can kick it
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-09 06:54 pm
3597 Days, 14 Hrs, 32 Min, 33 Sec ago
Well, the importance of my "A" is only relevant from a certain point of view. But the fact that you would (or at lest pretend you would on the internet) resort to violence because you don't see the importance of said "A" really shows your level of maturity, or lack there of.
Byakuya said on: 2008-12-09 07:38 pm
3597 Days, 13 Hrs, 48 Min, 22 Sec ago
ok i live your A with you. if you want, you can shove it up your *ss for safe keeping and expect more retards to understand the significant importance of your A

[Added at 12/11/2008 03:08:21 by Byakuya]
ops my bad, it's supposed to be leave not live... oh well
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-09 08:53 pm
3597 Days, 12 Hrs, 33 Min, 43 Sec ago
Again, resulting to fowl language and insults, its a shame what the youth has come to these days, lower IQ(in general) weak vocabulary and a general anger at society. It is okay I don't blame you, I blame your parents for their poor supervision, and education of their child.
ILLiCiT said on: 2008-12-09 10:39 pm
3597 Days, 10 Hrs, 47 Min, 24 Sec ago
Hey I swear all the time and my IQ is probably 4x yours.

[Added at 12/09/2008 22:40:49 by ILLiCiT]
If by "society" you mean "people who think meaningless bullshit like how much you swear or your IQ matters," then yeah I hate society too.
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-09 11:06 pm
3597 Days, 10 Hrs, 20 Min, 42 Sec ago
dondon, I doubt your IQ is that much higher than mine, perhaps somewhat higher, but more important than what your IQ is or how smart you are, is what you do with it. A genius that doesn't do anything with it is really useless, but I don't personally know you so I cant judge whether or not you put your intelligence to use.
ILLiCiT said on: 2008-12-09 11:12 pm
3597 Days, 10 Hrs, 14 Min, 57 Sec ago
Depends how you define "use."
Space-Monkey said on: 2008-12-10 08:42 am
3597 Days, 44 Minutes, 34 Seconds ago
Well if you're not using you intelligence to create some from of an illicit drug, then you're wasting it.