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Sal said on: 2009-04-24 02:58 pm
3460 Days, 19 Hrs, 13 Min, 21 Sec ago
What product can be bought in a drugstore which, if taken in a great enough amount, can cause death due to overdose?

I'm asking this because one of my friends has started to buy random products from drugstore and I know he isnt feeling too good lately.
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-24 03:04 pm
3460 Days, 19 Hrs, 6 Min, 29 Sec ago
Pretty much anything. Aspirin and acetaminophen are pretty common, but easy to be 'saved" from, and are apparently quite slow. Idk if you can buy stronger painkillers otc, because I've never tried, but stuff like Tylenol3 (codeine) will be much more capable of killing you. Mixing with alcohol will make them more potent. There are also many poisons like pure alcohol. Someone trying to "kill" themselves with otc drugs is probably not serious. Jumping off a highrise would involve no pain and would be 100% certain (if high enough), while drugs are iffy, can be very painful (liver damage, for example), and are slow.

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TheQuickness said on: 2009-04-24 03:05 pm
3460 Days, 19 Hrs, 5 Min, 36 Sec ago
Almost all of them.

Some of them will cause instant OD death, others will ruin your liver or your heart and cause a slower, sometimes excruciatingly painful death. A few of them can thin your blood to the point that you will bleed out into your intestines.

Of course the over the counter stuff would normally take so much to do that that you'd probably have to swallow like half a dozen or so bottles of them at once, which would probably just cause most people to vomit it all up.

Sal said on: 2009-04-24 03:09 pm
3460 Days, 19 Hrs, 2 Min, 1 Sec ago
Ok so he DID buy tylenol3. He keeps telling it's because he has those terrible headaches. How much would be enough for him to overdose, both wether he takes alcohol or not.
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-24 03:14 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 56 Min, 49 Sec ago
Alcohol depresses respiratory function. Basically your breathing is weaker. When you're ill (from OD, for example), you need lots of air to help your body. Also being drunk would make it easier to /kill.

7mg per 1KG of bodyweight for a male is the upper limit. So that's around 500-600mg, which is a lot. The strongest Tylenol3 tablet has 30mg of codeine phosphate per tablet. That's probably 10-20mg of codeine. I'd say triple the upper limit to be sure. 15mg a tablet let's say, and 550mg needed. That's 37 tablets if he has the strongest ones available and takes a huge dosage. Double dosage probably wouldn't kill...

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Sorry, 110. Lol.

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In Canada, Tylenol3 has 15mg of caffeine per tablet. All T3 tablets have acetaminophen in them. 100 tablets wouldn't kill you from either caffeine or acetaminophen overdose, but it would put a much higher strain on the body.
Sal said on: 2009-04-24 03:16 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 54 Min, 51 Sec ago
Okay so for exemple, someone taking 100 tablets of tylenol3 would die within hours?

(he bought like vanilla ice ice baby 10 bottles)
Space-Monkey said on: 2009-04-24 03:16 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 54 Min, 41 Sec ago
lol #3s wouldn't take a whole lot 4-5 can cause an overdose but are unlikely of killing him, id say 10-15 would probably kill him without medical attention..
Sal said on: 2009-04-24 03:18 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 52 Min, 39 Sec ago
Rofl, the dude is bigger than I am. And im 310 pounds.
Space-Monkey said on: 2009-04-24 03:19 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 51 Min, 43 Sec ago
id watch him....10 bottles is a fact i was pretty sure they aren't supposed to sell that much to someone....but maybe its different in Canada
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-24 03:21 pm
3460 Days, 18 Hrs, 50 Min, 10 Sec ago
The point of overdosing on purpose for suicide, isn't to survive. Well it probably is, but we'll assume it isn't. 10-15 there is a huge chance of surviving. The point is to take enough to die with 100% certainty. Probably 60-80 would be sufficient for the average person.

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Um you go from store to store lol.

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Codeine: lethal dose 0.5 to 1 g (adult)

So yeah, 2-3x the ~500mg upper limit to be sure.

[Added at 04/24/2009 16:23:28 by ILLiCiT]
From ASH

" Codeine (combo. with Aspirin: Empirin compound no. I -> IV)

2.4 grammes, typically 80 30mg tablets

unconscious in 5 -> 15 minutes, death in 20 -> 50 minutes

needs to be prescribed

reliable with plastic bag and rubber band

use bag & band. Alcohol as well as antihistamine on an
empty stomach. People can become tolerant to this drug,
and it will no longer be effective.

Nataku said on: 2009-04-24 04:16 pm
3460 Days, 17 Hrs, 54 Min, 32 Sec ago
Diphenhydramine in large amounts will kill you,
theyre over the counter sleeping pills, in gel or solid pill form
Tc--_-__-_-_-- said on: 2009-04-24 05:46 pm
3460 Days, 16 Hrs, 24 Min, 27 Sec ago
Koala said on: 2009-04-24 06:40 pm
3460 Days, 15 Hrs, 31 Min, 1 Sec ago
Does everyone here know that Enabling an individual in suicide is punishable by law?

in most places!
Sal said on: 2009-04-24 07:17 pm
3460 Days, 14 Hrs, 53 Min, 24 Sec ago
So illicit are you saying 100 tablets of T3 won't kill him? Cause if that's the case, then I got nothing to worry about.
DrakenRahl said on: 2009-04-24 07:34 pm
3460 Days, 14 Hrs, 36 Min, 22 Sec ago
Nobody here is "supporting" suicide, they're letting him know if his friend would be able to commit suicide, if he wanted to, in which case Sal can try to help..

But what really gets me is why don't you try to talk to him if you think he is capable of something like that?
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-24 07:44 pm
3460 Days, 14 Hrs, 27 Min, 13 Sec ago
I'm saying 100 WILL kill him. 80 might even do it, though that's a lot of weight which will lessen the effects.
Jing said on: 2009-04-24 08:49 pm
3460 Days, 13 Hrs, 21 Min, 37 Sec ago
Wow, he must have some headache.
Normally, a bottle last over a year. (For me anyways)
Should go see a doctor instead.
Sal said on: 2009-04-24 10:02 pm
3460 Days, 12 Hrs, 8 Min, 29 Sec ago
Ok so he also bought sleep aid pills.

Not that many tho, like 2-3 bottles. If he takes all of those + for exemple...60-70 T3?
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-24 10:17 pm
3460 Days, 11 Hrs, 53 Min, 45 Sec ago
Go steal his CC and cash. And his drugs. He'll go and try to steal drugs and then get arrested. He'll go to jail where he can't hurt himself if he's put under suicide watch. Or you could go i love you talk to him instead of posting here. YES, that will kill him.
Tc--_-__-_-_-- said on: 2009-04-24 11:26 pm
3460 Days, 10 Hrs, 44 Min, 54 Sec ago
I can't imagine this situation.. why do you know this? And if you're simply worried about him killing himself by accident and he's not trying to why take all of this? If he has a headache that won't go away go see a doctor.
Nataku said on: 2009-04-25 12:08 pm
3459 Days, 22 Hrs, 2 Min, 55 Sec ago
the great TC
Sal said on: 2009-04-26 12:08 am
3459 Days, 10 Hrs, 2 Min, 36 Sec ago
Because every time I talk to him about this, he gets all roid raged and agressive and he's bigger than me :S
Jing said on: 2009-04-26 12:13 am
3459 Days, 9 Hrs, 57 Min, 33 Sec ago
You can take him.
Or at least knock him back while you dash for the nearest exit with his wallet, car keys, and home keys in your humble possession.
TC said on: 2009-04-26 12:15 am
3459 Days, 9 Hrs, 55 Min, 55 Sec ago
Lol aren't you huge though?

also I sent you a nations message
ILLiCiT said on: 2009-04-26 12:26 am
3459 Days, 9 Hrs, 44 Min, 46 Sec ago
You're 310 lbs and say he will definitely kick your ass... This guy must be what, then? 380? Clearly his brain is being starved for oxygen by 300 pounds of muscle lol.