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  • Lurker Check!
    I still browse through these forums about once a month. I don't know why.
  • Guess who's legal now?
    Welcome to the "real world." Hint: It's just like High School but with more drugs and alcohol.
  • Contest Winners
    OMG OMG OMG! I got my Armor!!! =D I feel giddy like a schoolgirl.
  • Bug In The Drop System?
    I would say the odds are preposterous. But mostly that would just be to start a childish fight wi...
  • Contest Winners
    Never win a contest.
  • Who?
    Don't act like you're not n00b. You are indeed the n00biest of all n00bs who have ever n00bed. I...
  • Does anyone play this?
    Thats because no one ever got their prizes. I am currently waiting for: Custom Monster Custom A...
  • Patenting
  • Bits & Bites
    Looks like fake munchies to me.
  • Home Networking
    Firmware is not quite the same as software because its the program neccessary for that peice of hard...