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ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-06 05:22 pm
3242 Days, 7 Hrs, 33 Min, 58 Sec ago
As follows;

Quick notes
- Set tax rate to 15% (Find Under Government)
- Research In 4's or 8's (only way techies recieve tech from you)
- When Exploring for land max out your Subs first, then ships, then planes, then tanks, then guerrilas.
- When your oil or food gets low buy more off market until your done your exploration phase
- When rising save a full set of turns, max your army have 10 million laying around to replenish troops then pick a target to attack

Exploration phase
Explore 2
Research 4 residential
Research 4 Medical
Research 4 Defence (I use this as spacer, but do not over use)

Explore 1 land
Research 4 military

Explore 1 land
Research 4 Refinery

Explore 1 land (Tech should be between 3.5-4)
Research 4 agriculture

Explore 1 land
research 4 industrial

Explore 2 land (tech 5-5.5 you should be first)
Research 4 refinery
research 4 residential

Explore 1 land
research 4 military

Explore 2 land
research 4 industry

explore 1 land
research 4 offence(reason is aggressive exploration makes you broke from buying military and oil/food off the market, Offence is great tech and helps finances)

Explore 4 land
research 4 refinery

Explore 2 land
research 4 industry

Explore 3 land
research 4 refinery (tech 12-12.5 should be first still)

Explore 3 land
Research 4 agriculture

Explore 5 land
research 4 refinery

explore 4 land
research 4 military

explore 6 land (tech 17.5-18 still first)
research 4 refinery

explore 4 land
research 4 agriculture

explore 4 land
research 4 military

explore 5 land
research 4 military
research 4 agriculture
research 4 refinery

explore 14 land
research 8 refinery
research 20 agriculture
research 4 military

Explore 14 land
research 8 industry

Explore 32 land or to 150 lands
*Disband! Sure its risky but well worth it*

Teching Phase

Research 92 residential
Research 76 industry or to 200 industry
Research 118 military and keep it maxed!
Research 110 defence
Research 90 Offence keep it level with defence

Pre-Rise phase

Explore 65 Disband
research 8 offence
research 12 defence
research 12 military

Explore to 259 lands
Research 12 military
research 8 offence
research 4 defence
research 20 weapons

*Rise Phase (16 hours left)*

Thats the guide need more help message me in-game

[Added at 03/06/2010 17:31:15 by ShadowLord69]
Grandpa just died today and didnt feel like typing up all the information, i just did this little bit so i didnt lose it.

Feel free to add comments on what you want to know or think ive miseed.
_ElessaR_ said on: 2010-03-06 10:43 pm
3242 Days, 2 Hrs, 13 Min, 31 Sec ago
That is one in-depth guide. Maybe I summarise.

-Max military

-Max offence/defence

-Start off/def with 15 days left in the round. Preferably 20 days to get high base tech

-Research industrial up to 200 and stop. Get industrial up to 200 before you start off/def(including research from techies). Some may stop ay 150 industrial, depends on individual's gameplay

-Use residential as a spacer to research military/offence/defence

-Keep agriculture and refinery below 80 research points if possible (including research you get from techies)

Lastly, do not be a farm! I hope that helps
_ElessaR_ said on: 2010-03-06 10:58 pm
3242 Days, 1 Hr, 58 Min, 28 Sec ago
One thing to note about playing as a user with high off/def is, if some retard massed you, you are basically screwed. It would be difficult to recover without a vip's help.
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-06 11:33 pm
3242 Days, 1 Hr, 23 Min, 32 Sec ago
I must concur, high offence and defence makes recovery very hard.

250 industrial is good at 150 lands, but 200 industrial is better. this guide is a no-support guide, so no giving $$ away and you will be ok.
Gemz said on: 2010-03-06 11:57 pm
3242 Days, 59 Minutes, 26 Seconds ago
Neither is good. For good base tech using a non vip stand point i managed to do this.

115-125 land
125 Ind (Get there, techies will raise afterwords)
Enough food/oil to keep it positive while you have little or no military. (usually around 70 food 85 oil)

Reserach off/def as soon as you meet these.

You come out to making 25k in the starting and about 17k a turn near the end after off/def. Either way you will have enough money to reserach anything you want.

It works wonders
Breakyourself said on: 2010-03-07 01:00 am
3241 Days, 23 Hrs, 56 Min, 3 Sec ago
nowadays i try for 33k per turn before doing off/deff military only, when there were more people playing i would start at 20k a turn and have peeps military pass to me, with that i could easily get to 215-220 tech pre-rise without attacking anyone, nowadays i usually get to 200-210 pre-rise
Oracle said on: 2010-03-07 01:38 am
3241 Days, 23 Hrs, 18 Min, 32 Sec ago
Gemz could handle it, but those with weak money management should go for higher ind or later off/def basically
AK47 said on: 2010-03-07 07:21 am
3241 Days, 17 Hrs, 35 Min, 50 Sec ago

good stuff SL69!!

...and sorry for your loss! =[
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-07 12:05 pm
3241 Days, 12 Hrs, 51 Min, 33 Sec ago
Gemz this a begineers teching guide, since no one can play or tries to rank or cares anymore it just happens to be a top ten guide too.

I'm also thinking about doing a war guide and a farming/support guide all for users, because AK'sguide for teching I can't top

btw thank you guys for the compliments
Gemz said on: 2010-03-07 02:08 pm
3241 Days, 10 Hrs, 48 Min, 46 Sec ago
if anyone makes a war guide it should be me :)
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-07 03:02 pm
3241 Days, 9 Hrs, 54 Min, 45 Sec ago
Ante up then Jaren, I'm not the best warrer out there so do please create one.
Gemz said on: 2010-03-07 03:17 pm
3241 Days, 9 Hrs, 39 Min, 29 Sec ago
1 on 1 war

5 on 5?

10 on 10 with vips?

what do you wanna know? all of it? ><
XSquad said on: 2010-03-07 03:44 pm
3241 Days, 9 Hrs, 12 Min, 7 Sec ago

it would be a great idea.

We'd know everything lol.
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-07 10:19 pm
3241 Days, 2 Hrs, 37 Min, 27 Sec ago
Well I'd personally do a comprehensive guide to cover them all. If we want nations to grow we need to work on our support and training systems.

Considering I usually top ten with 1.5 techies it is sad

btw big thanks kazoany, one of the best techies for this style I have had and reliable!
_ElessaR_ said on: 2010-03-07 11:36 pm
3241 Days, 1 Hr, 20 Min, 3 Sec ago
Yea, we want to know all.
Gemz said on: 2010-03-08 12:38 am
3241 Days, 18 Minutes, 36 Seconds ago
The war guide made by yours truely Gemz of Locked & Loaded.

What you need.

1. Clans
First and formost, you must have clan members CHECK the shoutbox and hitlist BEFORE they use turns.

This is the most important part of anything, if you have an allaince with another clan. You need to have a shoutbox for both. Communcation is key.

-Nation Prep phase users

1. Any user will have to have land first and formost, land = $$ which = military, which also ='s ftw.

- Now, what should the land count be? Easy. 125 land. Why this you ask? Simple, 125 land combined with ind. and postive food/oil gives you alot of cash. Cash ='s ftw.

2. Ind. This is very, very important to any non vip in any case whatsoever in anything really.

- Enough ind will give you 2-3 times or even 6 times the normal amount of cash that land would give. So, how much ind. do you need? Id go 150 personally. 125 land with 150 ind gives you about 37-40k per turn which is alot of money.

3. Military, You gotta have high military to break though other nations defenses. So, Research it as much as fracking possible.

4. Food/oil. Postive food/oil with a full military is impossible. Its not happening.

- So what do you need to reserach for it to work? Simple 75 food 85 oil will get you though it all. Before the war kicks off make sure you dont have any military on hand so you can make that buko's of cash. Once it kicks off only have about half your G's on standby and dont buy the other half because G's take the most food/oil then any other unit. Once you start reciveing attacks back however you will go into postive food/oil for a period of turns until your population starts eating it all away again. This is how you stay in the good money making business.

5. Espy Its a must, and its not needed. Its great to have atleast 1 person with about 50 of this reserached. Why? Because how else are you gonna find the banks :) (other then attacking everyone) at the start of the war.

6. Off/Def.... Will kill you. Do not reserach more then... Just dont resrach alot of it. Once your population goes down you lose money. Once your land goes to 1 land you lose money. Not lose money as in... uhh 1k a turn. Im talking about -5k a turn. Your owned, cya later fracker.

- If your experinced you know how much of this you can reserach. Otherwise, i wouldnt go over 40/40 (even thats alittle high).

Prep phase VIP's

Follow the guide for users on numbers 3-6.

1. Land. Vips dont need land, BUT they do need the market with food and oil. 90% of the time the market will be crashed and you wont make poo poo off of it. So 50-60 land isnt a bad idea to have at all times. Dont go above 75 because it will interfere with food/oil productions. You want to be making food and oil so you can post them at 10/10 and get money from your clanmates.

Ind. Have about 80-100 Ind for the postive cash so when you reserach off/def it wont be as bad.

Off/Def- Vips can resreach this, dumb vips will find themselfs broke in 4 days if they dont know how to research this. So how do you reserach it? Easy. If your making 15k a turn off 60 land and 100 ind. You reserach off and def and know your making 10k a turn. Guess what, when you go to one land. Your gonna lose about 5-7k a turn. Ouch.


No land? No population? Oh jesus, your making so much food and oil you donno what to do with it. Guess what you do? Market the hell out of it.

*On a note with vips*

You have market, Guess what you do for prepration for market. Market as much fracking units of military as possible. Market ALOT of G's and market alot of planes. Why planes? Because you can hold abunch of those frackers and dont die as fast as everything else. Tanks are worthless because not only do tanks take out tanks. Planes knock a huge hole in them.

Attack Phase's

1. One vs One
- Your both idiots, its never one vs one unless its a retal. But, if your a real idiot just follow the guide for the clan wars and do that except just do it with the 1 guy. Use planned strikes btw.

2. 2-3 vs 1
- The one guy is getting pwned. So what can the one guy do to retal back. First and formost, 100% readiness at all times. Second, find the bank and take his cash. 3rd Try not to have alot of land they can take. 4th Make them waste turns, You missle one guy, attack the bank and let the other guy knock the hell out of you.

3. Clan vs Clan

I will assume you have atleast 7 people in your clan.


1. Read the top about communcation.

2. Read the top about communcation.

3. When someone says stop, pound them harder.

4. No one talks about fightclub!

5. Last, and most important. KEEP readiness ABOVE 85% at ALL times.

Thats it. Thanks

Ok, now the attacking clan. Pre strikeing is key. Have the guy with espy check for farms, banks. Thats his job. Then assign VIP's to take out the bank. Leave the farm along, he is an idiot. Now, the first attack is ment to cripple non vips. Forget the vips right now. Focus on the non vips. They are the main key to every clan. Why? Because they make money every turn. What to do? Well first off, no one in your pre strike better go over 150 land. You want to take out 2 non vips in this. Missles are nice, they destroy land, not transfer it from the loser to the winner. Pop the 2 users military, then missle them to 1 land. That takes 2 out of the fight early. Atleast drop their money down to 200k before moving on. 100k is even better.

That is the main mission.

So they retal, war is declared yada yada. Their 2 users just got restocked with spankin new miltiary from their vips and their out for blood. What do they gotta do? Get land. Ooh man, that sucks my clan is only dropping 3 land an attack. Go explore fracker!

Assign 1 person to keep these two at bay for a 2 days. Then 2 people on day 3-4. Why, eventally their gonna get their land back. You cant smack someone and not expect to get a knife in the back later it doesnt work that way. You keep 1 guy on them for the first 2 days because it will slow their progress on rebuilding. Plus if their idiots they dont have readiness and you just made them waste more of their vips money to restock them over and over again. Day 3 their attacking the one guy attacking them over and over, so you add the other guy in.

Now, you have 5 members left to play with. I can promise you, if they wernt expecting this war 1 wont fight. 2 of them have off/def already. And the other 2 arent going for the win.

Haha, you pwned them. Hit the other 2-3 non vips just to take cash. Cash makes the world go round, take it and they come crashing down.

- Attacking vips.

This is hard. 1 because they have market. 2 because they dont have land. 3 because they already make buko's food/oil.

Best way to attack a Vip you ask? Simple, let him attack YOU! Yes, you heard me. Let him take your fricken land. All of it. More land he has, less oil/food he makes. He didnt reserach ind most likely because he is using the market. So, now you ask. "How do we stop them from helping their non vips" Simple again, have 2-3 people on. Do normal/planned strikes until he has lower military. Missles whatever just take out the military. Then you go and dissban or market your military till you cant take land (only have G's) Then attack him with G's over and over. Why? Well for one G's take cash and land. Since you cant hold more land, you cant take land. So you just take cash and laugh at him while he has lots of land, no cash and no food/oil and making 10k a turn because he has off/def he reserached. Also he will crash the market so he can get quick money.

Keep the heat up, they will surrender or have a very bad score at the end of the round.


If they have 3 or more VIP's crash it. Why? Cause thats how they make the mula! If your vip heavy keep it up of course.

Now, types of attacks to use and how to use them.

Normal strike, use only if you plan on attacking 1-2 times. This way you can have the other 10 turns to reserach.

Planned Strike, my most favorite attack of course. 1 attack brings you down to 91% readiness, attack again it and its the lower 80's. Do 20 turns, brings it back up to 90's attack reserach attack reserach attack reserach. End result. 85% or higher readiness and you just destoryed their military so someone can come up behind you and take them out. Also when someone "masses" a person. Whats the best thing to do? 3 planned strikes he has no miltiary because his readiness is low. This is a great tool against users because they have to either be making money (which they shouldnt be) or vip help (which is rare later in the war) to attack back.

G warfare- Takes cash with cheap units, becareful and watch your readiness when using this.

Tanks- used only if you plan on taking massive amounts of land when they have no miltiary

Planes- worthless
Naval strike- again, even more worthless


Missles are nice and not nice at the same time.
First and formost, missles do 2 things. Destory massive amounts of military, and destorys land.

If your all out tryin to take out someones miltiary, you will missle them a few times to soften them up. Use 8 missles if going for military. ONly use 4 if destorying land.

Types of attack combos for 1 person

120 turns

Missle, planned, planned, research 20.

72 turns

Missle, planned, G attack, research 20.

29 turns

Planned missle, missle. (these last missles should destory land, if so missle the last few turns)

If their low on readiness

Missle, Planned, Planned, Planned, Research, Missle, Planned, destroy land with missles by now.

I feel like i missed something. Anyways this is My Guide, This is something to go off by. It has been Proven to work. Ask SM... (lol, yes) If you do something differnt post it here and ill either say yes thats better, or ill counter and tweak it to make it better.

Anyways, it took me 2 hours to write this and i was almost late to formation because i wasnt paying attention to the time. So no bashin!

[Added at 03/08/2010 00:39:57 by Gemz]
oh also.

If you find yourself with tons of land. And one of your members just got zeroed. Guess what, fricken dissban and let him take your land. So it doesnt go to the other guys and helps other guy out alot.
Moonshine said on: 2010-03-08 11:16 am
3240 Days, 13 Hrs, 40 Min, 26 Sec ago
i always end up with 200 off 200 def 350 military 330 industrial. 100 food 100 oil.
Space-Monkey said on: 2010-03-08 11:24 am
3240 Days, 13 Hrs, 32 Min, 10 Sec ago
thats alot of indust...
GuildaMage said on: 2010-03-08 12:54 pm
3240 Days, 12 Hrs, 2 Min, 28 Sec ago
"i always end up with 200 off 200 def 350 military 330 industrial. 100 food 100 oil. "

With decent techies and not missing turns i tend to do 250-275 off/def close to 400 military 150ish indust and something like 75ish agri/ref.

Only issue ends up being $ for troops towards the end.
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-08 01:04 pm
3240 Days, 11 Hrs, 52 Min, 45 Sec ago
330 ind, 100 agr and 100 ref, is stupid high and pointless.
GuildaMage said on: 2010-03-08 03:58 pm
3240 Days, 8 Hrs, 58 Min, 30 Sec ago
That just depends leroy, you probably wont win a round like that, however, you definately will have cash to spare and can easily rank a top 5.
ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-03-08 05:04 pm
3240 Days, 7 Hrs, 52 Min, 26 Sec ago
Fair enough mate, I just feel with industry that high your more support style.
Moonshine said on: 2010-03-08 08:47 pm
3240 Days, 4 Hrs, 9 Min, 38 Sec ago
that is my style. I support my clan vips and push them to win. Most of our user players tend to play high industrial thus if you ask VIPs who have played for sM the first thing they will tell you is that we have a great support crew.

and guilda why did you feel the need to quote me exactly? lol confused.
Moonshine said on: 2010-03-08 08:48 pm
3240 Days, 4 Hrs, 7 Min, 58 Sec ago
The extra food-oil might cut into my base a little but thats the sacrifice i take playing this role.
_ElessaR_ said on: 2010-03-09 12:22 am
3240 Days, 34 Minutes, 10 Seconds ago
Moonshine, my playing style is similar to yours, though my agri/ref are not as high as that. I hate having troop issues towards the end. Like Guilda said, with that style its easy to get a top 5, I vouch for that.

No matter how high your base is as a user, if you have troop/money issues at the end, you can't do a proper rise.

Last round, my industrial is at 280+, agri/ref at 100+ each( i get most of my agri/ref from techies who are playing support). My weapons at 150+. I even gave away 100 land to AK for his pre rise. Lots of wasted tech there. But I still managed to get a decent rank.

Well, I guess it is not because I'm good, but it is because the standard in gameplay has dropped drastically.

Nations is dying lol
Moonshine said on: 2010-03-09 10:14 am
3239 Days, 14 Hrs, 42 Min, 2 Sec ago
yeaah. i diggg that.
Stoutn said on: 2010-06-10 11:32 am
3146 Days, 13 Hrs, 23 Min, 59 Sec ago
This guide sucks.

ShadowLord69 said on: 2010-06-10 05:59 pm
3146 Days, 6 Hrs, 57 Min, 24 Sec ago
As follows;

Quick notes
- Set tax rate to 15% (Find Under Government)
- Research In 4's or 8's (only way techies recieve tech from you)
- When Exploring for land max out your Submarine's first, then ship's, then plane's, then tank's, then guerrila's.
- When your oil or food gets low buy more off market until your done your exploration phase

Exploration phase;

Exploring is your first order of business as a user. After every set of four research, you should explore or try to explore. If your oil or food get low buy it off the market, if that starts bankrupting you research more Agriculture or refinery depending which is bankruptng you worse.

generally speaking in this phase you should only be doing Military, Agriculture, Refinery and Residential where you have to as a spacer to allow you to get the other researches you need.

Once you reach around 150-175 lands disband, its risky sure, but well worth it.

Money Phase;

Very easy take industrial to around 200 maybe a tad more if your new just so you will have enough money to get through the teching phase.

Teching Phase;

With your teching phase Military is your best friend, you will keep it maxed. Then when it is maxed you will do offence, defence and residential as needed to obtain highest tech possible. But Military is primary Offence and defecnce are secondary and residential is third tier.

Pre-Rise phase;

Your pre-rise phase is around 2-4 days left, when everyone else is magically moving up in rank and passing you quickly assume it is time to pre-rise.

There are two main ways, to do this attacking or exploring.

First way is attacking by-far the most advantageous way if you have a farm willing to land pass with you. It means you can reach your goal which is anywhere between 240-275 lands very quickly and have Alot more turns for more researching or what have you. But if you dont have a farm attacking someone becomes risky cause they tend to attack back so id avoid that.

The second way is exploring to your intended Land amount, same as exloration phase just your not researching any refinery or agriculture your still doing teching research just buying oil and food to be able to explore and stay positive.

*Rise Phase (16 hours left)*
Save all your turns! Have a full set for the last 1-3 minutes of the round, Then you let loose and anhilate that guy who has been bugging you all round or attack your farm with all 125 turns or watch the news and see who is attacking who, generally speaking if you know a vip is ftw and he is attacking a user, the user is a farm and you should join in.

Thats the theory guide need more help message me in-game
ShadowLord69 said on: 2014-03-28 11:19 pm
1759 Days, 1 Hr, 37 Min, 43 Sec ago
/me bored
/me bumb

Wow I used to could play
Cronus said on: 2014-03-29 09:10 pm
1758 Days, 3 Hrs, 46 Min, 40 Sec ago
Top 10 rank guide now:

Spend 4 turns on anything.
Watch as you rank
Sal said on: 2014-04-09 03:20 am
1747 Days, 21 Hrs, 36 Min, 52 Sec ago
Wonder if my guide is still relevant.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2014-04-10 07:54 pm
1746 Days, 5 Hrs, 2 Min, 26 Sec ago


Step 1 - Show up every day
Viper10488 said on: 2014-04-30 09:36 pm
1726 Days, 3 Hrs, 20 Min, 44 Sec ago
Visit once and you're on the top 50.
Visit twice and you're on the top 25.