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  • - No Subject -
    We need some Warbeast up in this joint. This is the only thread I could find that wasn't locked =)
  • Incorporating medical
    Medical does food/oil Industrial raises your $ per turn by .35%
  • User Top Ten Guide
    Top 10 rank guide now: Spend 4 turns on anything. Watch as you rank
  • End of the round - get in chat!
    [1. main] Users in room: Cronus, TheWhiteDemon (Vip AFK) AFK!
  • Waste of Food and Oil
    I produce -40,000 units of oil per turn, so when I buy your 400,000 units, it lasts 1 set lol
  • Nations Mobile - What do you think?
    Looks good! It's a good start. How experienced is he with database development and programming? I...
  • On the Leaderboard
    I'm used to the blue next to your name. Welcome back
  • Someone challenge me!
    I started to until I realized how much further I had to go from 13th place...maybe I'll be there in...
  • So tom/blame
    For starters they could make the site mobile friendly! Then they could promote on social media. If...
  • OMG
    and who miss turns or don't have 3 techies =)