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  • Im back
    What is going on here? O_o
  • Retirement
    I would be a farm for you old teacher ;) BTW people, I wouldn't mind a clan. Any takers?
  • Been a while
    That's sad, I have goo memories here. Well anyways, I am back, at least for this round, so does anyo...
  • Looking for alliance pact
    I need one as well. Well actually, I need everything xD Ill send you a message, and you can answer m...
  • Been a while
    Its been a long time since I have been on this site. It looks weird to me now. Well, I dont see to m...
  • a tie
    1)Darkhawk of dreamers 100000000000 1)god of heaven 100000000000 :O more multis
  • Yet another techy thread
    I am in need of all allainces for next round so if anyone is interested please feel free to message...
  • A waste
    I know thi is a waste of forum space, but can a mod please message me on nations. I wouldn't put...
    Just a qustion, why do you care so much? I've heard of a good samaritan but this seems like a more p...
  • Nexus Clan
    pfft I just joined nexus and if all of us go active I say we get at least a ummmm 1-95 :P