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  • Rail Gun Mispriced
    why not ID: OHCRAPLOL
  • quest to supreme cosmic force
    hey guys, send me 500 mil to get the rail gun because I don't want to train for it :P also the ca...
  • TL Updates
    I'll be semi-actively training. I wish more people are active. I miss seeing 15 people in the arena...
  • Rail Gun
    Listed as 200.5mil by erica but it says you need 800mil to purchase. whats up?
  • TL Updates
    so whose still active?
  • Rank and/or stats?
    Admiral Conc3pt(�.O.A)-]TL[- Credits $8022026.00 Bank $235354342.00 Health (2010189/3354824) W...
  • Why not?
    Oh yes.
  • Anyone want to lend me a bind? :P
    Seeing as I'm basically the only person still playing this
  • tips to win erica..
    Yeah and I've played TL almost just as long and this is full of bull licoln log . It's random, there...
  • Post Your Stats XII
    Lieutenant General Conc3pt(�.O.A)-]TL[- Credits $168778.00 Bank $29840311.00 Health (243741/118...