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  • Techies/help...anything
    I used to play a couple years around, I wasn't amazing as other people but hell I tryed just came ba...
  • Need techies
    Cool,Space-monkey send the techie.
  • Need techies
    Ive never reset. I dont research offence and defence until I have enough money and a good base tech....
  • Need techies
    5 days til next round, Need 3 active techies. msg me on nation
  • If you suspect in-game cheating:
    Slambonie. Cheating is what ruins all games. You should try and prevent it from happening. So inform...
  • 3 years later...
    Bring them back. Maybe give rewards out.
  • If you suspect in-game cheating:
    Dondon, send it all the names above. See who replys first. Maybe also send carbon copy to TS.
  • Sad state of nations
    Warbeast, please explain to me why you type like this. REVENAGE will be SWEET. Why cant you...
    Commander Pitt Credits $8393.00 Bank $1364020.00 Health (34550/34550) Weapon Enhanced Vulcan...
  • TL reset
    Nope, Give me a good Reason why you wanna reset