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Sad state of nations 39 replies

Izembo said on: 2007-09-20 02:49 pm
4043 Days, 8 Hrs, 4 Min, 57 Sec ago
Well I tried to come back and play the game again for old times sake as I used to have a lot of fun and it was something to mess around with and fun people to joke around with.

I left a little over 2 years ago with the general community in a state of decline with people such as WARBEAST spewing their utter nonsense in every direction. And for the record Warbeast, for the love of god speak in complete sentences, I have to run the damn things by a 4 year old to get them translated from stupid to english.

I see that the community really hasn't come back up and am really sad to see it as such. The few mods that I've seen didn't really seem to be doing too much either.

So to those of you who act like a 5 year old with their panties in a knot please grow up, this place used to be a much better place. And to those of you who are above that, I wish you the best of luck as I have no idea how you put up with it all this time.

Probably going to be leaving again, might finish the round, might not, really just depends if I feel like bothering to login that day or not.

Best of wishes.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-20 02:52 pm
4043 Days, 8 Hrs, 2 Min, 12 Sec ago
Izzy, the only way to make it better is to be one of the few that stays and tolerates it. NetNexus's older user-base is deteriorating fast and it's sad.
WARBEAST said on: 2007-09-20 03:00 pm
4043 Days, 7 Hrs, 54 Min, 26 Sec ago
join me...i HAVE THE answer...fight it...u GET A fight...ROME!
T3rran said on: 2007-09-20 04:40 pm
4043 Days, 6 Hrs, 14 Min, 44 Sec ago
BEAST makes this GAME FUN- at least HE PLAYS IN character and has FUN WITH IT- stop WHINING AND PAY TRIBUTE-!!!
Rick.T said on: 2007-09-20 08:09 pm
4043 Days, 2 Hrs, 45 Min, 24 Sec ago
FireStarter said on: 2007-09-20 10:10 pm
4043 Days, 44 Minutes, 11 Seconds ago
He plays the role of a character in a text based strategy game... Strategy not RPG. Which is why a lot of people find him annoying because there is really no place in Nations for how he acts.

Now if he actually took 2 minutes to sit down and act like a normal human being instead of portraying his character all the time then people might find him a little more tolerable to be around.
SilverSurfer said on: 2007-09-20 11:58 pm
4042 Days, 22 Hrs, 55 Min, 47 Sec ago
Yeah, but that's what's amazing about beast. Seriously, who could play that type of role to the tee for sooo long...?

He takes "Playing a game" to a whole new level.

While ya'll are still fussin over his antics, he maintains his game character.
Hi-Liter said on: 2007-09-21 03:31 am
4042 Days, 19 Hrs, 23 Min, 6 Sec ago
the BEAST is a bad a$$!
InuYasha said on: 2007-09-21 08:34 am
4042 Days, 14 Hrs, 20 Min, 44 Sec ago
Izzy needs to get off his high horse and realise he's no better than anyone else on this site.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe younger people play the game and that's why they act so stupid? More high school kids (ages 14-17) play this game than any other age group, so that could have something to do with the wild immaturity.'s a game. Games are supposed to be fun. Some people have fun by acting retarded.
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-21 01:42 pm
4042 Days, 9 Hrs, 12 Min, 12 Sec ago
*points up*

Best post in here, in my honest opinion.
WARBEAST said on: 2007-09-21 04:06 pm
4042 Days, 6 Hrs, 48 Min, 43 Sec ago

inu...u r a BIT smarter then ordinary "FIELD STONES"!

too the ABOVE:....learn U play with a SUPERIOR INDIVIDUAL, fs lets have a merchant DESTROYER..NOW NuKe EQUIPPED!...:O)

WARBEAST said on: 2007-09-21 04:29 pm
4042 Days, 6 Hrs, 25 Min, 15 Sec ago
Izembo the REASON you have to RUN IT BY a 4 year OLD, is because a 4 year old is still CAPABLE of SEEING the TRUTH, NO matter how HIDDEN, and U R NOT, because U have been POLLUTED with NONSENSE of today, even the BIBLE is UNDERSTOOD by 4 YEAR OLDS...try RUNNING that BY them, U MAY LEARN also!

PITT1990 said on: 2007-09-21 05:47 pm
4042 Days, 5 Hrs, 7 Min, 36 Sec ago
Warbeast, please explain to me why you type like this.


Why cant you just be like this.

Revenage will be sweet.

It get annoying.

However I agree with whatever one else said. A lot of people play this game. I started when I was 12 I think im now 17.
TinaMiaz said on: 2007-09-21 06:26 pm
4042 Days, 4 Hrs, 28 Min, 6 Sec ago

And he types like that because he is portraying his character if you even bothered to read other posts.

On another note, Izzy, if you leave because of one silly person over the INTERNET then I must say something is wrong. Not with him (we already know there is something wrong with him) but with you. I'm not trying to insult you or be offensive, but think about it.

Hope you stay :(
Ghoul said on: 2007-09-21 09:19 pm
4042 Days, 1 Hr, 35 Min, 29 Sec ago
shut up, tina! no'1 is talking 2 u,,, duh! i no what u mean,,, ANIMAL =)
SweetYlang said on: 2007-09-21 09:35 pm
4042 Days, 1 Hr, 19 Min, 7 Sec ago
hey, this thread is getting wait, did i sound like a 4yr old..*shudders*..

..hey Izzy, nice to see you around.May I ask..are you married or what by now?

I actually think there are more over 20 yr olds playing than under 20...??

Lets take the

Im over 20...
Jing said on: 2007-09-21 09:43 pm
4042 Days, 1 Hr, 10 Min, 54 Sec ago
and i think sweety is coming on to someone ^-^
Dondon said on: 2007-09-21 10:43 pm
4042 Days, 11 Minutes, 45 Seconds ago
Has it ever occurred to anyone (f***, I've said that twice in 10 minutes) that WARBEAST isn't portraying a character, but rather typing as best he can? Perhaps WARBEAST isn't pretending to be borderline retarded, but is in fact. You all laugh at him and insult him, thinking it will finally convince him to not rape his shift key every post, but maybe he doesn't understand what you're saying. You shouldn't make fun of retards.:(


I couldn't help thinking of this picture the whole time I typed:
Cllander said on: 2007-09-22 01:59 am
4041 Days, 20 Hrs, 55 Min, 28 Sec ago
I don't know if it's because I'm just tired, but I couldn't stop laughing when I looked at that pic. thanks Dondon.
WARBEAST said on: 2007-09-22 02:58 am
4041 Days, 19 Hrs, 56 Min, 36 Sec ago
let me guess? "if a (person) doesn't comply, "the way you prefer then that person is retarded, or dumb, or in some way a lessor of a person then you...correct?".
LISTEN UP.."dumbass" refers to {don don, and the people like HIM}
if you believe everything you see typed on a screen board , on a site....then you are already EASY PICKINGS....of course!...GOD did say "SOME"
will have STUPOR right up to the END....I C at LEAST one here....MUHAHAHAHA!
JEBStuart said on: 2007-09-22 06:03 am
4041 Days, 16 Hrs, 51 Min, 38 Sec ago
way over 20..
ShadyKnight (Mod) said on: 2007-09-22 01:43 pm
4041 Days, 9 Hrs, 11 Min, 22 Sec ago
JUST over 20... (I'm 21)
FireStarter said on: 2007-09-22 05:42 pm
4041 Days, 5 Hrs, 12 Min, 34 Sec ago
Last I checked this thread was going fairly ok w/o any foul language... Keep it that way.

As for a rematch WB... A nuke only hits armor you never broke through my shields which means it'd be pretty much useless unless you did.
SaNdYx said on: 2007-09-22 06:14 pm
4041 Days, 4 Hrs, 40 Min, 46 Sec ago
ChaoticLaw said on: 2007-09-22 06:15 pm
4041 Days, 4 Hrs, 38 Min, 47 Sec ago
Dondom, I've seen him make an entire post that was well written, so I know it can be done.

Warbeast it a novelty item. When it first comes around it's fun. After a while though you throw it in your closet and forget about it because it's pretty much useless. Sure, every now and then you take it out, but it always ends up thrown in the back of the closet.

The funny thing is, he isn't even good at fighting. Weap dominated the one vs one war they had and all I heard was Warby whining and crying. Even in this round he had to have xxterm attack me for the first few days so that he might have a chance against me (which he doesn't).
Izembo said on: 2007-09-23 05:54 am
4040 Days, 17 Hrs, 45 Sec ago
If I'd leave it isn't because of 1 person, it's because of the community as a whole, and I see far more bad than good. Most times whenever I would join the chat it's just useless mudslinging or WARBEAST demanding his "tribute".

I'm still here for now just watching how everything goes, but I really don't know how anything will get changed.

and to sweety, 22 and engaged.
SweetYlang said on: 2007-09-24 07:30 pm
4039 Days, 3 Hrs, 24 Min, 26 Sec ago
Yes, tis a SAD state of Nations, when a thread asking how old players are that play Nations and how many under 20yrs old started in last year gets moved by control freak MOD's(with nothing better to do)

If you look at the Nations forums how many other posts are general questions like your's here and it doesnt get moved.

**And we wonder why nobody comes to play? Stay long enough and you see why!!
Dondon said on: 2007-09-24 10:26 pm
4039 Days, 28 Minutes, 9 Seconds ago
"(with nothing better to do) "

Who made the useless thread?
LagunaCid said on: 2007-09-24 11:32 pm
4038 Days, 23 Hrs, 21 Min, 47 Sec ago
Control-freak mods? Hahaha?
Stormbringer said on: 2007-09-26 01:50 am
4037 Days, 21 Hrs, 4 Min, 25 Sec ago
The sad state of Nations? Well, like anything else it's all what YOU choose to make of it.
Izembo said on: 2007-09-26 04:16 am
4037 Days, 18 Hrs, 38 Min, 30 Sec ago
no, in a community driven game it really isn't.
Rick.T said on: 2007-09-26 04:18 am
4037 Days, 18 Hrs, 36 Min, 30 Sec ago
just leave...
GuildaMage said on: 2007-09-26 07:22 am
4037 Days, 15 Hrs, 31 Min, 49 Sec ago
So..Im in chat probably more then ANYONE else on nations, and ive only seen you in chat a handfull of times. You usually come in, sit for 5 minutes, then leave again.

Not exactly the best way to grasp what chat is really like.
TinaMiaz said on: 2007-09-26 09:41 am
4037 Days, 13 Hrs, 13 Min, 33 Sec ago
I come to chat and you all are talking about crazy stuff :P It scares me into leaving ;)
GuildaMage said on: 2007-09-26 09:51 am
4037 Days, 13 Hrs, 3 Min, 21 Sec ago
Not all the time! =P
Jing said on: 2007-09-26 01:26 pm
4037 Days, 9 Hrs, 28 Min, 44 Sec ago
i am officially crim's nightmare in the chat.
let me grab a new keyboard and all hell will break loose!

[Added at 09/26/2007 15:35:13 by Jing]
we also have an Operation: Destroy Japan and Operation: Relocate Japan Cities to California or Canada.

[Added at 09/26/2007 15:35:55 by Jing]
Let's not forgot the plans to destroy the female plot to replace man kind (man) with robots with a giant vibr...
eh...for full battle plan, contact me or arch in the chat.


[Added at 09/26/2007 15:37:29 by Jing]
maybe we should talk about how the japanese add porn in everything, even poke'mon!
ChaoticLaw said on: 2007-09-26 06:06 pm
4037 Days, 4 Hrs, 47 Min, 52 Sec ago
I would make a post but Korgy and Cid said I'm not allowed to yet. They are going to ground me =(
InuYasha said on: 2007-10-03 07:40 am
4030 Days, 15 Hrs, 14 Min, 34 Sec ago
Does anyone have a link to the educated Warbeast thread? I'd like to see it for myself.
Awoir said on: 2007-10-05 06:17 pm
4028 Days, 4 Hrs, 37 Min, 7 Sec ago
SilverSurfer said on: 2007-10-05 08:46 pm
4028 Days, 2 Hrs, 7 Min, 51 Sec ago
Referring to guild... Are you sure that isn't Jing that has been in the chat the most?

Ever since I remember 17, he basically owned in chat time and forum posts here.