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  • Speed nations Techie
    I need one. Msg me
  • Speed nations Techie
    I need one. Msg me
  • Retirement
    Hope to see you soon here again my friend. I wish you the best!
  • HEHE!!!
    Finnaly i got my 1st win. Long time looking for it. It is a victory of all ex and current Hoier...
  • 1 Tech
    Message me plz
  • Tech
  • Tech
    I need 1. Message me in game please.
  • KAZ!!!
    LOL I attacked Casey because of Dinasty actions on me. Just like i did last round with xsquad. Di...
  • Last round
    I've finished as top user but got no NN points? Don't we get it anymore?
  • Congratulations XSquad!
    As i said before, and i dont like to be called a lyer, i ATTACKED XSQUAD WITH 2 DAYS and 5 hours lef...