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  • Good laugh
    That was pretty freaking hilarious...great find
  • Vista sucks
    Have any of you tried the Windows 7 Beta? If so, how is it?
  • What movies do you consider the greatest?
    Forest Gump has always been my favorite movie.
  • What TV shows do you watch?
    So I started watching "Weeds" last night, and the first 3 episodes were surprisingly really good.
  • Guns
    Yeah, I don't know why I chose to write that rather than Medical College Admission Test, probably ju...
  • Montreal
    You think the Cutco brand is the knife of choice for slashers?
  • Guns
    I'm not gonna argue about the foreign debt stuff because I agree with you dealer, even doing an infl...
  • Guns
    So LC, just for a heads up its called having the MCATs (Medical School Entrance Exam) to take, and a...
  • What TV shows do you watch?
    An awesome hidden gem of a show is Eureka, its quirky, faux science, and hilarious.
  • Montreal
    When I went for vacation they had a couple sick places on Crescent street to party at; and if you li...