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  • Please help me out real fast
    TC5 screw you im not an ass. It was a request not a demand and i said please and thank you. sounds l...
  • Please help me out real fast
    thank you man it helps. just wish other ppl would be a bit nicer *cough*jing*cough*
  • Please help me out real fast
    i just found out that after you click on the link that you need to register real fast. you dont ever...
  • Please help me out real fast
    im not all to sure but i am a starcraft fanatic since 1998 and im so desperate to play anything star...
  • Please help me out real fast
    Ok this will only take 30 seconds out of your life to do this. Im trying to gain VIP privileges on a...
  • Techie
    Techie Needed. A good techie please who delivers alot of off and def. PM first please. Thnx
  • it be me
    hey fellas sorry i aint been around for a while. to all my friends ill be back eventually. i moved t...
  • WP
    sweet deal man. gl to u and all who join.
  • Presidential Elections
    ok i never meant to offend neone by saying nething about illegals or non US citizens. It must have c...
  • Presidential Elections
    This is naturally to all citizens of the US. Ilegals dont count either. I figured it be nice for eve...