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  • ?? FOR SALE ??
    Would just like to know if anyone knows who owns this site and if would like to sell it. My email is...
  • Hey Boss!
    Miss the glory days when we had the real wars, lmfao! Hey oldbies, Who owns the site now, Look...
  • Muaghaghaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Holy shiznick, there is still ppl playing this game from like 10 years ago. Prepn up for next rou...
  • Regarding
    Muaghaghaghaaaaaaaaaa! I think u did, oops 1 too many units, Lmfao
  • Instresting...
  • I Don't Get It!
    Yegh, nations has a trak record of getting around to it, lol.
  • Regarding
    hugh?? lol
  • Regarding
    LMAO, there are ppl here that have been playing for years, trust me, the oldbies will never let nati...
  • comeing back!?
    lmfao, go ahead, mistake away! Muaghaghaghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • I Don't Get It!
    Lmao, i just posted a tread about sandbox. I dont see the diff either, Muaghaghaaaaa!