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  • Call the police
    [1. main] Busty: yeah [1. main] Busty: it's a lot of fun [1. main] Busty: let's do something [1....
  • upon learning the term TROLL
    Half the time I have no idea WTF you're talking about.
  • Hmmmmm
    I can still see your posts? Unless you mean the old ones in which case a ton of old posts got delete...
  • Video games kill
    Yeah punish him by letting him play games all day.
  • Video games kill
    "I firmly believe that Daniel Petric had no idea at the time he hatched this plot that if he killed...
  • dis game sux
    it is all words n no pics wat is dis dragons and dungeons wow get wit the times people we have monit...
  • Netbooks
    Funny how that joke has been made 10s of times, last time I recall is the thread about selling knive...
  • Rapidshare > torrents (long post)
    Azureus used to be my favorite client until they included Vuze which just slows it down and it took...
  • www.metmexus.com
    Tempted to purchase metmexus.com and redirect it to a shock site right now.