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  • Cinnamon Challenge
    It sure was funny as hell to watch though. :D
  • To Fantasy/Sci Fy Book Readers/Fans.
    Sign me up Elmy. But we all know Danny doesn't read :D
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    Norgannon: 70 Undead Mage - Frost spec 70 Dwarf Priest - Shadow spec 67 Night Elf Hunter - BM spe...
  • Happy Bday...
    Badmrbill...I'm not calling you a pedefile. I'm merely stating that for a 40something year old to s...
  • Bored
  • Other peoples turns..
    About time something like this came around... ps holy what did I just step in FS is still arou...
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    Who's still around old-school on these forums :P I know it's been a while but I'm still here somehwh...
  • Merry Christmas
    You dirty whore, you told them before me!!! >.> ps <3