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    Tratswar Technical Race Against Time Strategy War
  • need tech ally
    Rick.T Only a retard, won't stop. Your complaining about a retard not stopping on the subject yo...
  • hi! what`s up? =)
    Hey, Ghoul. How are you? It has been a while. Well, tell Riz I said hey. Later.
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    A rough translation; of Doma's Post. you know the difference between drinking water and...
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    I can get in on the magenta craze, but I'm more of a dark blue kind of guy... I like several color...
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    I have got this e-mail which I thought was a bit interesting. Can't you tell? Some 45% of wi...
  • Accepted
    Yes, Trimesters. (180 day year) And thanks.
  • Accepted
    I am probably looking for a job, I am only for two years,. Enough knowledge to get paid enough. Bu...
  • Accepted
    I am in my senior year of high school. A couple weeks ago, I signed up for college. Even though I...
  • Under the Law.
    I'm good. That is what happens when your friends bail on you. They told me that they would cal...