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  • & then there was ONE!
    Consider this round a dry run to get back in the game
  • & then there was ONE!
    Maybe things will get a little more interesting now, lol...
  • Bye all
    You'll be back.... till then, later man
  • So....
    Welcome back man!
  • Grats
    Congratz Kazoany!!
  • Can I has...
    No matter how hard I try, I just can't resist popping in for a round or two every now and then, lol....
  • Kind of Painful?
    I think it's the old, outdated feel that appeals to those of us who still use this site and play the...
  • Took many years, and a good allie
    Congratz JEB!!!!
  • techies for next round
    Figured i'd drop back in for a while and need 3 techs(if there's anyone with open spots left). I sho...
  • Lurker Check!
    I used to lurk. No one posts anymore, so there's really not much lurkage to be done now.... -_0