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  • Weapons Query
    What armor can hold out against the Planet Express?
  • WOOT 10 Logins!
    Don't uncork the champagne just yet. Some users (such as myself) prefer to operate multiple accounts...
  • Suggestions
    Oh, and the following as well: - Different banks with competitive (and periodically changing) int...
  • Suggestions
    I have the following suggestions: - The ability to wield multiple weapons/items (one can be used...
  • Bounty Hunting
    I got multi-cannon and seige tank armor. Energy shields don't seem to do so well against the Dragoon...
  • Music and TL
    Damn TL is so boring, I listen to Mozart's 'Requiem' to mourn the things I've killed.
  • Music and TL
    Does anyone here listen to music while playing TL?
  • -=CW=- RULES
    Dang, I shouldn't have advanced to Emperor... :(
  • Bounty Hunting
    Born on Tarsonis in sixty-four A hot-headed Marine named Emperor Nuton He loves to smoke but he lo...
  • Bounty Hunting
    EVC? I ain't got money for VIP stuff.