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  • Another reason why this site is died
    Piece != peace. Do you know what != means? Based on your spectacular programming skills, I doubt it.
  • best way to get SG
    You have to shoot it, with a silver bullet. Under a full moon. At a cemetery. On Friday the 13th. Ri...
  • How to be E-Cool
    According to Megaupload, 3 people have. I also won a 2 day premium ...WTF can't think of the word.....
  • Easter
    I wish this Christian crap would be replaced by a polytheistic religion. Can you imagine the holiday...
  • Finally got my Austrailian Shepard
    Heh, I read a new story the other day about some sick piece of shit decapitating an Australian Shepa...
  • WHY am I punished FOR what OTHERS also DO?
    Shut up, Jew hater.[Added at 04/10/2007 00:40:46 by FSLD]Directed at the poster above me.