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  • TL has been reset
    Just remember not to delete any of my accounts, because that would be mean, and the consequences wou...
  • New Funker Vogt CD!!!
    Yeah I do, remember? You're the one who told me about it. I actually listen to very little. Funke...
  • Post your playlists
    Winamp > *. Here's my metal playlist (every file I have in my metal folder; wow there's a lot...
  • Tips for CIS student
    There are certainly jobs for programming, but you can probably make more money as a system or networ...
  • clan
    Because that was the first round I ever played. 1000 is as blatantly illegal and haxed as any of WB'...
  • New Funker Vogt CD!!!
    So far it sounds the same as the last album. Not that that is bad or anything.
  • Reset
    I assume it will be legal to get all the cool account names right off the bat. This might be so bad...
  • Selling Deity Ranked #34
    Obviously money will be reset. But I don't need money now, so whoever wants the account can have it.
  • New Funker Vogt CD!!!
    Don't you mean download?=P
  • clan
    I am the best Nations player ever. I once had over 330 tech, which is 110 more than the best player...