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  • (§.O.A) vs. =GoW= (DECLARATION)
    I'm willing to sponsor 10 credits if you want =P I may also be willing to play merc, if needed.
  • First with Shield Gen?
    0.0 congrats, go play the lottery and give me half.
  • Ranks
    recruit, private, private first class, specialist, corpral,... (i forget the next few, i spammed the...
  • Guess who's back ;)
    wait, i know this one!! umm... jason!
  • First rare?
    Good Job, I still have yet to get my first item, or see my first item... oh I'll never get a shield...
  • Dear Erica
    most of the time it hurts to get punched period, I'm not sure where you get punched really matters i...
  • Stasis is too long.
    personal opinion, 3 minutes would be a reasonable time for it. Death is too common in this version t...
  • Teh Commies hit TL
    That's a visual I definitely didn't need.
  • Cool Reset!
    I came back after a very long time away
  • º§Kº Sign-Up
    Hey guys, most of you, long time no see. I'll edit this with stats, but shady dragged me back here....