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  • 100 mil$
    I would pay 100mil$ for a general
  • old acc
    It would be 18th in exp and 20th in kills if it hasn't been blocked from the top marines...
  • old acc
    I wouldn't sell it to you anyway... Well... maybe at a high price, but since you don't care abo...
  • old acc
    Commodore DarkDrake Credits $546.00 Bank $318000.00 Health (2657349/2657349) Weapon Flak Cannon...
  • Casino
    Does anyone know the exact chances of winning every # times your money?
  • money
    I'm just wondering how much TL credits you would ask for a $... I may sell some on paypal... o...
  • dondon
    Dondon said on: 2007-08-19 00:16:26 Are you the leader of SPQR or whatever the i love you it's...
  • For those just started~ THE FORBIDDEN ARMORY
    I got a french keyboard!!! ÉÇÎÜÈÀ... LOL WAY more functions...
  • For those just started~ THE FORBIDDEN ARMORY
    Try to flirt also... You'll get better guns...