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  • NEWB.... kinda
    yep to late, file already sucks and has to be done over.... thanks... it was short lived oh well
  • Free Bind?
    can i jump on your free bind...
  • NEWB.... kinda
    I played this back when i was 9 or 10... now 21... someone wanna send me some credits?
  • New account can i get a free gun or something helpful?
    Long time TL player. I've been away for awhile and i've never gotten to play with any custom gun or...
  • Flirting
    Hey i need some help flirting with the girl so i can get the good guns what works??? the old just ma...
  • Clicky game
    New account i come from a long time back. After years of playing and then stopping and coming ba...
    You should do it big an d send me some money. : )
    We are WE .. .and we we do it all big