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  • Poopstain Mcain
    A good portion of those who vote simply vote for the same party regardless of who's running for it....
  • come to IC
    STAY at IC.
  • - No Subject -
    1. If you could have an image as follows, would you use it on your myspace, facebook, or anywhere el...
  • I'm a fuggin nub :(
    TL is dead dead.
  • mp
    Nobody, then?
  • use this to get more ppl here
  • Top 3 Designer baby list
    I Googled the first name, and upon realizing it was a f'king anime character, promptly lost all fait...
  • Age of Conan
    If you're an experienced mmorpg player Nope who's gung-ho about pvp Yup and isn't a complet...
  • Just for weap!
    Best mods: WeaponX VoDkA End of story.
  • Friends
    I seriously hope this is a draft. In your first two sentences, I stopped like five errors. Writing i...