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  • Starcraft
    maybe your PC is still running on DOS and still has those large crappy floppy disks lol
  • BYE TC
    why don't you ask ILLiCiT, he started the thread. what do you expect from a guy like him...
  • Political Question - US President 2008
    damn, i voted for bill clinton. too bad ronald reagan won, anyway congrats to you president reagan
  • hey everyone
    nnooOOO!!! not the belt please...
  • Messiah Brotherhood
    oh thank goodness hehehe
  • Disbanded
    TC, you are starting to freak me. did you take your dose for the day?
  • Messiah Brotherhood
    are you guys supposed to be scary? do we need to be scared from your "small tactical attacks"? i hop...
  • TC4
  • hey everyone
    piece of advice, never let your guard down. don't be fooled by their eagerness to help, they are lik...
  • Messiah Brotherhood
    toinks! question, why only small attacks? can't your "clan" handle large and massive attacks?