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  • Maybe..
    If TL gets onto facebook, it might be revived. Maybe?
  • Bored? Are you the only one playing TL?
    Let's just acknowledge that some games are made to keep players playing for a long time, while other...
  • At last..
    Appreciate your offer, but it's ok. Don't have anything to buy anyway. =)
  • At last..
    .. Flak Cannon belongs to me. Freaking expensive! Captain SepHiRoth Credits $3440.00 Bank $0.00...
  • who still plays this
    I assume getting a SSG is still something worth posting. Lieutenant SepHiRoth Credits $0.00 Ban...
  • I miss this place
    Hi shady, hi voddy, hi titus and zipit! Strangely this place always has a funny attraction for me...