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  • techie wanted
    i think the subject kinda explains whats up right?[Added at 04/23/2009 21:14:48 by Narcalis]i guess...
  • War.
    Green light from me
  • free vip
    wait i think multi is a bad thing...
  • free vip
    Good idea I think, granted its an opinion of a person who just started this round :) Seems like it...
  • New to Nations
    Seems solo is a more oppertunistic way to go. Im a pretty aggressive player so im sure I will get w...
  • New to Nations
    thanks elessar. good to be playn again, hope I get the hang of it quick. I was wondering tho how im...
  • New to Nations
    before the round starts? how soon is that
  • New to Nations
    Hello!I just started playing nations again after many many years. I dont remember much but Ilearn f...