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  • False X much?
    humpty dumpty sat on a wall
  • sM Clan
    i heard teh name. and crap i forgot my old account password...[Added at 12/24/2009 20:58:25 by Sh...
  • oh my god
    because i see a lot of TC account related names in the same clan as my hacked account?
  • oh my god
    eh? so i assume you are the one? dam your good, how did u hack into it?
  • oh my god
    people actually bother to hack nn accounts?, btw im glad that sm is doing great =) brings back memor...
  • oh my god
    right.. i just realized.. Shinji of MY NAME IS SHINJI, I SUCK mocking bird SuperAdmin how d...
  • oh my god
    Wow , been ages since i visited this page and i see SM is still around! btw theres a problem wit...