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  • Michael Jackson
    Apparently he didn't die of a heart attack though, he was in the childrens ward having a stroke
  • Deltaflyer13 IceFox Setokaba1 goliath
    I think a few of the ones are back now as well...
  • techy
    That's nothing.... | | | | | V
  • King of the hill
    *sends 3 army's of mongolians to destroy the typhoon* MY HILL
    I was in DoL last round(Same clan as winner)
  • Teh Fascist
    Damn right I harassed you, fascist scum! I will never stop either! All I will say is this: Teh Commi...
  • Thank you
    You did Teh Commies and DoL proud Casey!!! You won the sandbox and regular in the same day...thats p...
    Well done Casey!!!!!Your a beast!!!!
  • Teh Commies
    This will be sweet...as long as I don't have to do anything
  • Teh Fascist
    Haha, something made me laugh in this thread.....