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  • Contest Winner
    I hate school and homework. I couldn't go on since the summer <:( Or at least thats what I remem...
  • hi friends
    idk i started when i was 6 or something :P i forgot
  • Any Clans?
    mine :P its a clan that consists of one member :P
  • hi friends
    well that's awesome. I think i saw someone with your user name in TL. Sorry if that's not much hel...
  • I'm back...again...
    yes, yes it does :P LUCKY STAR (anime) ROCKS.
  • Calling all TL players!
    hi? O.o lawl well if enough people join this tournament i'll join. I WILL BE NUMBER 1 with the clan...
  • I'm back...again...
    I don't wanna offend you guys, but really *old*? lawl i'm only 12 :P
  • Maybe..
    i stayed for more than a week and i got friends playing this game. Soon this game will be like the...
  • beg
    I'll give you money. I'm (rank) licoln log face.
  • secret
    what happened to the secret weapon shop?