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    Sure did..... twice even.... in the same year!
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    Oh, netnexus... You take me back down memory lane....
  • Guild Wars 2
    It is good fun, especially if you have a large group of friends on the same sever. World vs. Worl...
  • Guild Wars 2
    I'm playing! Unfortunatly I've found myself part of a European Guild - one that I've been with th...
  • the new apartment block i moved into has a gym it
    Nah, he'll just post via his mobile.
  • Favorite Pokemon
    In memory of inu: InuYasha says "My pen15 > all other pokemon."
  • BNT Reset Vote
    Sure, just started not to long ago anyway... If there is going to be a reset might as well be sooner...
  • BNT updates
    BNT is awesome... Nations is sooooo 2002.
  • BNT Stuff
    I like me some BNT, I stole Jing's 1337 planet ^_^ In other news, said planet was recently libe...
  • Trophies
    Hey it's rhu! Love the stickes, speed nations, and the trophy idea! /sidenote Alright, I ag...