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  • Happy New Year..
    Its been a while since the last time I've been here :) just want to say Happy New Year to everyone :...
  • SeanM?
    Shantong? is that you?
  • Wow, Ten years!
    How are you guys? It's been a while :) how's thing going?
  • Wasteland Training
    yeah.. i agree too,, even though i accepted training job round 8 years ago. i have the opportunity t...
  • hi
    I think that private of mine is the only private that own SG in TL history correct me if im wrong
  • hi
    its ok never mind it... looks like this forum not as active like before.. hey weapon how are yeah.....
  • hi
    dont know what the reason why my last post been deleted.... but anyway thats okay..
  • try this!
    hmmm. last time play i was lvl 43 my bot name is slimshaddy how about you? btw.. what this http:...
  • try this!
    yeah.. im just play this since 3 days ago.. its also text base game.. you creat your bot to fight wi...
  • question
    yeah long time no see.. if i only know the server will reset i will give the private to you. you're...