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Thund5000 said on: 2009-02-19 03:08 am
3582 Days, 1 Hr, 25 Min, 36 Sec ago
yup.. i got question.. I want to ask if server was reset.. coz top marine in terran is different since the last time i login years ago.. im in top mp kills. and now i cant login to any of my account :(
TC said on: 2009-02-19 04:56 am
3581 Days, 23 Hrs, 37 Min, 43 Sec ago
It got reset along with all characters.
BmXbrigade said on: 2009-02-19 01:39 pm
3581 Days, 14 Hrs, 55 Min, 35 Sec ago
yea there was a reset...

long time no see! i still wish i had gotten that sg private before u left:P

[Added at 02/19/2009 13:40:44 by BmXbrigade]

theres the link to the last rankings before the reset
Thund5000 said on: 2009-02-24 12:17 am
3577 Days, 4 Hrs, 17 Min, 15 Sec ago
yeah long time no see.. if i only know the server will reset i will give the private to you. you're still here i thought you quit too hehehe God bless.. btw can you give me the link