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  • Congrats BC...
    two in a row, nice job mate!
  • Apologies...
    there is no need for an apology to me. it wasn't an emotional thing anyway.
  • X's success since its return...
    WOW, another post fron AK47 about how great X is and how great HE is. X has had many honourable lea...
  • Clan rankings
    It looks to me like Avengers don't like to fight. I would just keep my mouth shut if I were you.
    all filled, thx alex. sorry al maybe some other time.
    send me a request
  • 3 months
    please say it isn't so-chaoticlaw-last on 21 hours ago.
  • Re: Important Notice
    I used the system a week ago. I messaged all the mods like I was supposed to do and only three were...
  • Tech Alliances-me 2
    If you're active and search in 4's just send me the request and I'll accept. I need 2 tech and 2 ec...
  • tech ally
    I have all slots filled now. Thx