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Tooks said on: 2012-05-25 04:07 pm
2394 Days, 11 Hrs, 10 Min, 35 Sec ago
Anyone else surprisingly disappointed?
Breakyourself said on: 2012-05-25 07:10 pm
2394 Days, 8 Hrs, 8 Min, 6 Sec ago
pissed at it..... supose to beable to beat the game.... supose to be able to pvp...... and supose to not have been hacked especially in the first week n half of the game...... yep lvl 60demon hunter, got hacked, cant pvp, and cant even attempt to get past the begining of act 2 infernal, and itemization and drops is pitifull

[Added at 05/25/2012 20:12:19 by Breakyourself]
worst part is ive been waiting for over 10 years for the game.....
DannyFo (Mod) said on: 2012-05-25 07:19 pm
2394 Days, 7 Hrs, 59 Min, 8 Sec ago
Yes, we've been waiting for 10 years for this game, but you have to look at it like any other game. It comes out lacking certain areas, and then they patch in goodness. Would you rather wait another 2 years? I'm perfectly happy with the game at the moment. My level 60 Wizard can solo Act I inferno, and that's good enough for me. Not sure how many characters you guys leveled to 99 in Diablo 2 but at least this game is challenging and not just a baal-bot-running game.
Breakyourself said on: 2012-05-25 07:27 pm
2394 Days, 7 Hrs, 51 Min, 9 Sec ago
um well in d2 over the years ive came up with alot of 99 and just 90 plus chars and lost them all due to inactivity, but i can solo all of act 1 infernal, but the problem with that also is tehre is no real gear drops that will help you progress through act 2 and up, only real things that made people get through were smokescreen and the health regen wiz, all other chars are broken also, with my demon hunter i can kill in act 2, melee have no survival at all, its not that thier health points are high its the fact that no matter what you wear they still with 1-2 shot you, instead of nerfing the wiz and dh they should of buffed the other class's to or at least make gear more viable

[Added at 05/25/2012 20:29:55 by Breakyourself]
and by solo infernal i can kill every elite also, even rares in a group of 4 people my myself, i have 250 resist all 2500 armor 300 physical resist and 40k health, which none of it makes a difference outside of act 1 infernal
Tooks said on: 2012-05-29 11:02 am
2390 Days, 16 Hrs, 15 Min, 55 Sec ago
I was hacked too, stay out of public games. There's a group going around session jacking and all they need is to play one game with you.

Diablo 3 has alot of short comings and I personally think they took a step back from D2. Inferno should be hard, no question. But for packs to be harder than boss fights? They didn't want people farming bots well not people are just going to farm packs!

And the item drops...when should a lvl 50 blue be better than a level 60 legendary? Explain that...ugh

[Added at 05/29/2012 12:02:55 by Tooks]
*farming bosses well now-

[Added at 05/29/2012 12:04:03 by Tooks]
Also, you play a wizard. Play a melee character and then try and solo anything in Act 1 worth soloing.
IronSinew (Admin) said on: 2012-06-03 02:10 pm
2385 Days, 13 Hrs, 8 Min, 8 Sec ago
My barbarian gets rocked (even in hell a lot) and it makes me sad face.

Breakyourself said on: 2012-06-14 12:34 am
2375 Days, 2 Hrs, 43 Min, 32 Sec ago
I am currently at Diablo inferno, having difficuties, but should manage soon,my shadow pawns me so hard. since the RMAH i have made 48dollars after taxes transfered to paypal, yeah and the mobile authenticator app is a must for this game, but even then people are still getting hacked

[Added at 06/14/2012 01:36:06 by Breakyourself]
Im a Demon Hunter BTW, 30k life 550 resist all, 1900 dex, 45 base damage and 90k buffed, 30% crit chance buffed

[Added at 06/14/2012 03:23:02 by Breakyourself]
diablo down inferno, solo, game beat
Tooks said on: 2012-06-18 12:03 pm
2370 Days, 15 Hrs, 14 Min, 45 Sec ago
I got banned for botting. I couldn't bare to play the miserable game but I still wanted to stay competetive...damn you Blizzard.

I'm done with their games. True story...
Sal said on: 2012-07-15 12:53 pm
2343 Days, 14 Hrs, 24 Min, 15 Sec ago
I was farming inferno diablo before 1.03 with my wizard. Waited to see what 1.03 brought. It screwed up the entire AH, there's going to be globes in PvP arenas. When I heard that I decided to quit. I made alot more money than what I payed for the game, but overall the game really sucked.

Inferno was a big disappointment. Bashiok said it would take months before we'd beat it and it took me less than 1. I was looking forward to something challenging and they even nerfed it...AND increased the drop rates for good items in the easy acts (1 and 2).

Massively pissed at blizzard. So many bland and gay elements in the game.