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  • Casino
    its definitely better than the jackpot contest we just had. at least there's a chance of winning, re...
    Somehow I feel so sad. There are actually suckers who fall for this. Good thing its not real Cash. b...
    He's trying to earn some credits la... but i'm really curious to find out how tis turns out.
    Because you and I know thats not gonna happen. The ultimate winnerS is obvious =)
    LOL... OMG U must be a Businessman!!! I really must applause for coming up with this idea. I re...
  • New to nations
    Any non-TL players can give me a Vip bind for Tl?
  • Non-TL players!
    lol... well... the bind is needed to get better weapons so as to get a even playing field. if not no...
  • Non-TL players!
    Really will appreciate if there's a kind soul out there...
  • - No Subject -
    oh hi nookie... i just posted in nation.. hope there's a kind soul out there for me... lol... thanks...
  • Non-TL players!
    anyone can spare a vip bind for me in TL? Thanks~.