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  • False X much?
    IMO only BC/AK/besty/Ko-D/DannyFo/Fala can bring back X. Otherwise it's just not the same.[Added at...
  • Retirement
    noooo... BC you have to hit 300 tech :) I'll get you teh monies :)
  • Are the following exploiting game flaws?
    Arguing about this doesn't solve anything. Both sides have relevant points. The goal should be to...
  • Tech alliances
    I need 2 as well. No off/def please :)
  • Clanless.
    BAHAHAHA @ the siggy. :P
  • GK
    Oh fosho! Right now clan ranks don't mean anything. Wait until the last couple days of the round....
  • Congrats AK
    Congrats man! Nice new tech record too :D
  • New Feature
    Oh duh... hahaha my bad[Added at 04/08/2008 20:02:19 by DrUnKeNmOnKeY]Notice the top 7 are all VIPs...
  • New Feature
    Whoa... wth, seems like they're just random.
    I agree. Especially AK, he's such a noob bastage. hahaha