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    I need 2 techies!
  • Techy
    i need a techie also
  • Tech allies
    i need a techie also send invite plz :)
  • need Techy
    I need one also... Tech meh? >:)
  • nations players
    Dude.. your post are a scrambled mess. Please go practise in Notepad before actually posting what y...
  • New possibilities
    I'll help ya out Sal
  • The Syndicate
    /me Trips SPARKY on his face and slams the doors shut. Proceeds to chain them shut and erect a 'CLOS...
  • any clan welcome me???
    Your are welcome to hoeiri, which is better then all of the other offers you got, so it is the natur...
  • Recruitment Thread!
    come on guys! You know you want to! We're still open for members. Just one brave soul?
  • War Round Thread
    Whew I forgot how much drama goes on in these forums... I have to agree that it is a war game, an...