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  • Hello
    Corey I thought the same thing! Such disappointment...
  • 14
    My number is embarrassingly high :(
  • Mobile Friendly?
    Lemonade Stand :P But srsly I'd play Nations or TL if they went mobile
  • Finally got my right sleeve finished!
    Nice Danny!!!! Also, hi :D
  • Xbox Live
    firefaerie86 I adding j00!
  • ATTN: WeaponX
  • Modship
    Do an admin! Oh wait, that was just me.......... That turned out real great /end sarcasm baaaaad...
  • oh hi
    aww I thought it was pretty entertaining :( I may have been slightly intoxicated at the time, but th...
  • oh hi
    I come bearing gifts!
  • Guess who's legal now?
    agreed on the feeling old thing :( happy late late birthday Jess! Come to Canada so I can buy you...