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  • Figured I'd Let yall know
    Yes I would like to second that statement[Added at 12/23/2008 07:51:19 by Dari]yet that's why the AF...
  • Techies
    Hmm, not sure if I should techie you next round or not.... Count me in :)
  • How can NetNexus as a whole be improved?
    They already give free VIP for 1 month for the top ranked user every round. As to the "buying turns...
  • Clan Rankinga
    Here the list as I have it for the clan rankings GK - 264 DK - 240 Chattan - 203 Doom - 154 X...
  • tornado alley
    Vixen and myself live in the north border of Tornado alley. Don't really need to worry about f5's t...
  • Devils Knights
    So anyone interested?
  • Devils Knights
    I be staying in DK for a while, on that note *stabs DN to DK table* neither is DN ;)
  • techie
    *looks around* Call me a newbie but whats F.A.R.T. mean anyways? *Mutters something about the sun...
  • New Sandbox Round
    Funds: $277,402 Pop: 85,322 (91%) Food: 85,494 (MAXED) Oil: 0 (0%) Turns: 0/5475 Military...
  • Game Up!!!!
    Just for reference you can access it via Games->Other Games->Faerun Legends. In order to make...