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  • & then there was ONE!
    Hey Guys, hows it going? -HHHMaster
  • hi
    Hey people, How's everyone? Great to see familiar faces around. ;) HHHMaster
  • True X
    Very informative, thanks. Tell me something that i don't already know. -HHHMaster-
  • How dissapointing...
    Ak47, you are still playing after all this while. ;) AK47 said on: 2006-05-09 10:46:13 Sent: 136...
  • True X
    So i was randomly poking my nose around (as usual) and i could not apprehend something i saw. could...
  • Calling all D.E.M.O.N. members!
    Hi DannyFO. ;)
  • Anyone Wanna Join The 300 Spartians
    Quoted from Space-Monkey: "Seriously though, if you want people to respect you, take the time t...
  • Most Mysterious Player
    I always target HeHe for my rise(for the last 3-4 rounds i played in). Good farmer. ^^ "hehe" at He...
  • The Rules of War
    Hey Chinaman.