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  • Kind of Painful?
    I remember the good ol' days when what we had was the cutting edge of browser based gaming. How time...
  • Updates
    Welcome back!
  • Facebook
    That sounds intriguing. When I think of a FB integration with nations, all I think of are the follow...
  • To our favorite Admin...
    Yes, I think Jing speaks from everyone here!
  • Chat server back online. And TA stuff
    Restarted it again. It's up (at least as I post this)
  • Chat server back online. And TA stuff
    The chat server is back online. --- In other news, I've been busily working on Terra Arcadia (...
  • chat is not working for me
    Sorry for the delay in fixing it! It's working now. --Tom
  • admin?
    I have reset your password and sent you a new one via email. Please re-login with your new password...
  • admin?
    What is the TL account you're trying to bind to your VIP? And the VIP is the one you're posting fro...
  • Hi
    Didn't you just eliminate the best players?