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  • HATERS!!!
    He's right, you know.
  • Post count...
    Tbrown (Admin) said on: 05/17/07 12:13 am (34 Minutes, 45 Seconds ago) It was everyone. I was perf...
  • I think we all need to thank someone...
    Yeah, thanks Source. You made me do my homework last night.
  • New armors!
    I have come to a conclusion that by all means Goliath > Adamite > Energy Shield Whether it'...
  • New armors!
    Ok, we tested it with DrakenRahl. We both have Flak Cannon. He has the Adamite Vest. I hit him fo...
  • New armors!
    Will someone please confirm it with level 9 overminds, flak cannon and yamato?[Added at 05/16/2007 1...
  • My B-Day ^^
    Happy Birthday!
  • 1/2 Damage Energy Shield Calculations?
    Yes, I have tested long ago, 20 damage is taken before the 1/2 reduction.
  • New armors!
    Adamite Vest Cost: $1435200.00 Armor: 55 Goliath Mech Suite V2 Cost: $8732500.00 Armor: 75...
  • New armors!
    You pay 0 credits. You feel much larger in your new No Armor.