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  • Cattacombs
    only the cool kids like me are allowed in there lol
  • I have 1124 NN – it can be yours!
  • Annoying
    Most weapons are the same until you spend over a million. However the spell that costs over a millio...
  • Underground Goblin camp
    Yay, Thanks Crla, You rock hun. :D cant wait for more of your areas. Wish i could be a builder btw....
  • Underground Goblin camp
    ok, fair enough, none of this post was ment to be intentionally insulting, it seems like it came off...
  • Underground Goblin camp
    Enter Goblin Armory should actually be Enter Goblin Shield Shop also Enter Goblin Armor...
  • Really Crystal?
    hehe, it was fun to take it all. sorry hun. ill let you keep it in real game, i wont be needing mana...
  • Collapse
    im canadian dont ask me, and as for gas prices, yea it sucks, but meh.. thats why i work...
  • Banking
    I utterly understand you now, and kinda agree, i wouldnt mind if thats how it was set up. but i woul...
  • Grats to the Browns!
    Congrats on the baby girl.Happy for you.